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Spring is here

"Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where the birdies is 

They say the birdies on the wing, But that's absurd, the wing is on the bird"                                                                                                                              ( Anon ) 

After a very slow start to the winter ski season, followed by some good dumps of snow and good skiing, spring is certainly here - at least for the time being!      Here at the laundry we are very excited to have started our new building extension which we hope to complete by Christmas. This is our third major expansion since we started operations in 2004, and will add a further 35% area to our building and allow for a better workflow, higher production capability and further efficiencies. We are also adding new equipment including our third high-speed Ironing Line (Picker/Feeder/Ironer/Folder/Stacker) arriving in November, to boost capacity and quality of our sheeting production.  All in all, a busy time ahead, and we are looking forward to being ready for summer.


Posted on Thu, 5 September 2019 by The Team at Southern Lakes Laundries

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