Rob Young BSc

Managing Director

As a Shareholder and Director of the company, Rob has been intimately involved in the business from its beginning – from project managing the building and fit-out of the laundry through to promotion and establishment of the business in the market. With over 40 years business management experience in NZ, UK, Middle East and Canada - mostly in the service industry - Rob brings considerable managerial and financial skills to overseeing the governance and strategic direction of Southern Lakes Laundries and its commitment to quality and service. 

Sarah Taylor MBus BCom

Operations Manager

Sarah joined our team in July 2015 as Operations Manager. Reporting to the Managing Director, Sarah is responsible for all operational aspects of our business - Production, Engineering, HR, H&S and a range of other duties and functions involved in keeping our high tech operation running at peak efficiency. She has a BCom in Management, and a Master of Business with Distinction majoring in Organisational Development, Operational Strategy and HR Management - both degrees from the University of Otago. Her work experience includes senior management roles in a diverse range of businesses (in New Zealand and overseas) including Banking, Insurance, Construction, Manufacturing and Project Management, and is now applying her considerable skills to improving our laundry operation and general company procedures.

David Pluskal

Senior Production Supervisor

Originally from the Czech Republic, David now has NZ Residency and joined us in 2006 in our Laundry Operations department learning all aspects of processing and production. In 2007 he was promoted to our Driver team with responsibility for delivery and collection of our customers’ linen. David has a background in telecommunications as a technician and salesperson, and these skills together with his training in our operations and driving departments saw David promoted to the role of Production Supervisor in 2008, then to the Senior Production Supervisor position in 2015. David runs day to day production and operations, and assists our Operations Manager with the overall operational function of the laundry, with particular emphasis on staff training and development.

Bruno Santana BEng

Maintenance Engineer

In 2014 we were pleased to welcome Bruno to our team as our Maintenance Engineer, a key role in the laundry responsible for ensuring all our high-tech machinery is kept in top condition with the minimal possible disruption to our operation. Bruno is from Brazil, and with a Bachelor of Engineering Control and Automation together with 10 years industrial experience in electrical and mechanical engineering, we are fortunate to have his skills working for us here in Queenstown keeping our laundry ticking over and our customers' linen supply uninterrupted.

Dita Kobrova

Production Supervisor

Originally from the Czech Republic, Dita is now a NZ Resident and joined Southern Lakes Laundries in 2005 while on a working holiday in New Zealand. She has a background and training in general nursing and as a dental assistant, but fortunately for us decided to try her hand at the Laundry Industry, and started in our Operations department learning all aspects of production including machinery operation, textile care, processing techniques and the linen requirements of our clients. In 2008 Dita was promoted to our first Production Supervisor position responsible for the day to day running of our production department including staff training and development.  

Eddie Wilson

Production Supervisor

Eddie is one of our longest serving employees, joining our company in 2004 as Driver on our Mt Cook run, responsible for looking after all of our customers between Cromwell and Mt Cook. Eddie is a well respected member of our team, and his customers on the run were sorry to lose his services when he was promoted to Production Supervisor in 2013. He brings a wealth of knowledge and commitment to his new role and is enjoying the new challenges it brings - not to mention the change in scenery from his many years on the road.

Kumar Chhantyal BBA

Production Supervisor

Kumar joined us in 2012 having completed a Diploma in Business Studies at Waikato Institute of Technology. Originally from Nepal, Kumar also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Pokhara University. Starting in Laundry Operations, Kumar proved to be a keen learner with an eye for business improvement, and quickly grasped the importance of work flow and management of staff to improve productivity in the laundry. Kumar was promoted to Production Supervisor in early 2015 and continues to grow with the business.

Luis Gomez

Production Supervisor

Luis is originally from Chile where he trained as an Infomatics Engineer before working as a Technical Coordinator for testing in Chilean schools. He went on to work in logistics learning valuable skills in the flow of materials. Luis moved to Queenstown in 2014 joining our team in Laundry Operations before progressing to our driving team servicing our customers throughout the region and learning their particular linen requirements. Luis was promoted to Production Supervisor in early 2016 and continues to apply his knowledge, experience and staff management skills to ensure our production levels keep pace with our customers' orders.